I am a passionate holistic dentist and  I totally fell in love with teeth. Besides being a dentist I am a mom of 4 lovely daughters. Both aspects of my life, motherhood and holistic dentistry, are more than just a duty. It’s been my calling for more than 27 years. Several food intolerances of my children and a severe diagnosis taught me that there is more besides the conventional medical treatment, as I was taught in dental school. Those challenges and personal health issues led me to my todays holistic approach on medicine. I acknowledged the Body-Mind-Medicine and implemented great parts of it into my Tooth-Mind-Soul-Concept. It is not an evidence based concept but connects the „dots“ of quantum physics, modern dentistry, neuroscience and spirituality. My vision is to inspire people to live a conscious life in alignment to nature and natural systems which we all are a part of. 




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